SMITE’s new Legendary God Pack Bundle now available

Hi-Rez has released a variant of the Ultimate God Pack, which, as SMITE players well know, gives access to all current and future gods. The new one is called the SMITE Legendary God Pack Bundle and includes all gods with a few bonuses.

Unlike the standard Ultimate God Pack, the Legendary God Pack can only be purchased with gems, 1200 of them to be exact. Assuming they started with zero gems, this would mean players would have to purchase at least the 1,500 gem pack, which is $24.99.

SMITE Legendary God Pack Bundle
SMITE’s new Legendary God Pack Bundle includes all gods plus a few extras

What’s in the SMITE Legendary God Pack?

  • Ultimate God Pack (all current and future gods)
  • 30 Day Booster
  • Loki Infiltrator Skin
  • Loki Voice pack
  • 1 Awesome Chest
  • 10 Emote Chests

The math

  • Ultimate God Pack: $29.99 regular price
  • 30 Day Booster: 500 gems
  • Loki Infiltrator Skin: 400 gems
  • Loki Voice Pack: 200 gems
  • 1 Awesome Chest: No calculable value. Given out only as part of special promotions and bundles.
  • 10 Emote Chests: 20 gems x 10 = 200 gems

So, with the Legendary God Pack, players are getting 1,300 gems worth of content for 1,200 gems — this is before you add in the $30 Ultimate God Pack and Awesome Chest. So, yeah, it’s worth it and makes the great deal that is the Ultimate God Pack even sweeter. Of course, should players already own one or more of those items, they’ll need to reassess if the Legendary God Pack is still worth their while.

What does this mean for people who already own the Ultimate God Pack?

Absolutely nothing. Just like when the Game of the Year Edition comes out for a game and includes all DLC at a reduced price compared to what players paid at launch, people who have already purchased the God Pack are not eligible for any new benefits.

Those who have additional questions should see Hi-Rez’s Legendary God Pack FAQ here.

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