Splyce makes SPL preseason jungler changes

Remember the hype about how Yuji, Splyce’s new jungler pulled straight out of Grandmasters ranked, would fare in the SMITE Pro League as a part of Splyce? Well, that hype is dead now: Yuji has been removed from Splyce and replaced with Cyno before the SPL’s Season 5 has even begun.

Splyce Season 5 SPL Roster
RIP This Roster January 2018-February 2018

You may know Cyno as Cynosure, who went about shortening his name to Cyno at some point. We last saw him in the SPL on Trifecta with KikiSoCheeky, Hurriwind, Snoopy and Aror. Cyno was also a SMITE console professional player in Season 3, though he had played on PC prior to that and was known around the scene. His prior teaming with Aror, who is presently on the SMITE Splyce roster, may be what gave him the edge over Yuji.

Look forward to seeing this revised roster in action after the SMITE Pro League begins on March 20.

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