Known issues list released for SMITE patch 5.3: Hero of the Trojan War

Yesterday, SMITE’s 5.3 patch: Hero of the Trojan war launched in fine style on PC. Hi-Rez has released the list of known issues. If you see any of these bugs out in the wild, know that the developers are already aware and are working on a fix.

Abyssal Warrior Wukong SMITE Skin

Known issues

  • If a tower has been taken while spectating it will not show up if you rewind past the tower going down.
  • Fire Giant and Gold Fury info doesn’t show up in Spectator.
  • Spectators don’t see icons for the purple, red or yellow buffs.
  • Previous season loading frame showing rank for current season.
  • If Achilles ends his ultimate animation in fear, then the ultimate animation will go off again, but not deal damage.
  • Flying ults are being targeted by towers.
  • Selecting “Go To” for either Ratatoskr Kitsune/Kage takes you to the store chest section.
  • Typhon’s Fang adds 0% bonus power.
  • The Season 4 Gold key icon has a Molten key with it. It is just a Gold key, don’t get excited.
  • Both Achilles skins use the default VP, but don’t say they use the Default VP.
  • God Leaderboards are not populating.
  • Luminosity, Dignitas, and Mousesports badges will not show on the ground of the conquest map or show on the banners.

If you see any problems that aren’t on this list, be sure to report them on the official SMITE bug reporting forums.

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