Ranking SMITE’s Season 4 Adventures

SMITE Season 4 has come and gone. It brought SMITE players something unique, however: Adventures. Adventures were brand new to Season 4 and let Hi-Rez experiment with departures from standard MOBA modes. Clearly, the implementation was a success because the idea was renewed for Season 5: hello, Da Ji and the Legend of the Foxes.

Moving onto Season 5’s run of Adventures, it’s important to remember the good and bad of the old Adventures. Hi-Rez can learn from Season 4’s mistakes and build off the high points.

Here is our countdown to the best Season 4 Adventure.

5. Apollo’s Racer Rumble

SMITE Apollo's Racer Rumble Adventure

Racer Rumble gets an A+ for trying. Before releasing, this speedy mode had the most hype we’ve ever seen for an Adventure. I mean, a SMITE arcade racer in the vein of Mario Kart?! Goodbye Ranked Conquest, and hello to that!

Unfortunately, collision was terrible: bumping into an opponent would make your car nearly grind to a halt, there were bugs with placing (don’t you love winning, but the end screen says you got eighth place?), and Racer Rumble was an all-around bad experience for which the excitement quickly died. The potential, though, was great.

4. Shadows Over Hercopolis

SMITE Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure

Trials of King Hercules, SMITE’s crack at an RPG, was a fan-favorite Season 4 Adventure. Due to Trials’ success, Hi-Rez followed it up with Shadows Over Hercopolis.

Unfortunately, it was as though all the things players enjoyed about Trials were the opposite in Hercopolis: bosses were a pain in the butt, the mode was grindy as all get-out, and the promised rewards wouldn’t even drop every time tasks were completed, meaning you may have to kill Loki tens of times before RNJesus decided it was your lucky day.

Later, a Nightmare Mode was added, so everyone could play a mode they didn’t particularly enjoy on an even harder difficulty! But you got an icon for doing so. Yay!

3. Trials of King Hercules

SMITE Trials of King Hercules

Oh hey, look, it’s the better version of that thing from #4! Trials of King Hercules was Hi-Rez’s first attempt at a SMITE RPG, and its community reception was far better than Shadows Over Hercopolis.

The mode was less grindy and more fun with fairer rewards, and players loved figuring out inventive ways to break the game while Hi-Rez desperately scrambled to patch them all. Remember the Bastet exploit?

2. Nike’s Valley of Victory

SMITE Nike's Valley of Victory Adventure

Nike’s Valley of Victory, AKA Capture the Flag mode, was the first Adventure of Season 4. Due to this, it was somewhat limited: only five gods could be picked, and the map was small and still rather SMITE-ish compared to something off-the-wall like Racer Rumble.

But the fun factor was undeniable. The SMITE slash CTF combo allowed for great moments like clutch Ymir freezes to return a flag, a Herc dash for a last minute score, and Artemis and Anubis being relevant in a game mode (this was pre-Typhon’s Fang, if you remember such a time). Even after earning all the associated rewards, players were still queuing because Valley of Victory was plain fun.

1. Corrupted Arena

SMITE Corrupted Arena

The SMITE community has a complicated relationship with the Arena mode. Diehard Conquest players hate its existence, but without it, SMITE would be nowhere near as popular as it is today thanks to Arena’s huge player base and unique ability to draw in casual players (who later make the transition to Conquest. Probably.)

It turns out all you need to make Arena not so mundane is a giant dragon dropping rocks and gaping chasms into which other players can be pushed. Xing Tian’s ult? Suddenly not the most useless ability in the game thanks to the smaller playing space.

Hi-Rez also allowed worshipers, experience and fantasy points to be earned in the mode, which was icing on the cake with how fun it already was. Dare we say, the bundle for Corrupted Arena was also the best bundle by far, with the Badass Dragon Kukulkan skin (erm, I believe that was its name), and the ability to earn exclusive skins like Prototype Scylla or Ragnatoskr Ratatoskr through playing the mode was fantastic as well.

Now back to Season 5

Looking back on Season 4’s Adventures, it’s clear there were more highs than lows. Hopefully Hi-Rez can use what they learned in Season 4 to make Season 5’s Adventures even better.

What was your favorite — or least favorite — Adventure, and why?


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