SMITE console patch 5.3 launches without Achilles and other known issues

“Where is Achilles on console?” was the cry heard around the world on Twitter, Reddit and other SMITE communities. According to HiRezStew, a “super weird issue” kept Hi-Rez from enabling the god on console with this morning’s patch.

Achilles will “hopefully” be fixed tomorrow, which is Wednesday, May 7.

Patch 5.3 also launched with other known issues. If you see any of these out there in the wild on console, Hi-Rez already knows about them, but if you see any unlisted issues, be sure to report them on the SMITE console bug reporting forums.

  • Achilles is temporarily disabled
  • Upgrading abilites via the Skills tab(up on the D-Pad) is not working. Please upgrade abilities in game by using Train Skill button combinations listed in the Controller layout options menu.
  • Upon initial Login and navigating to the Reward scene the Ragnarok button shows on the Main Menu. Attempting to select it will bring you to the Adventures scene. Navigating to most other locations and back to Main Menu will return the button to the full Adventures button as intended.
  • VGS – ‘retreat from jungle’ plays ‘group up’.
  • When using Chang’e rabbit to purchase, 2 voice lines are played on return.
  • Legendary God Pack Bundle doesn’t show price on the Gods scene until you select it.
  • When purchasing 30 day Booster, the options for the Booster and Legendary God Pack Bundle go off screen a bit on the ends.
  • In Legendary God Pack Bundle, chest images go outside of their boxes.
  • Odyssey’s Greatest Hits chest has a blank icon for the bundle.
  • Season Ticket Badges can change order when purchasing or equipping them.
  • Able to purchase Fantasy Points from the Season Ticket Schedule scene.
  • VGS for Portuguese did not get translated properly.
  • The incorrect Ratatoskr skin is shown as unlocked after unlocking the Kage skin
  • After Unlocking the Kage Ratatoskr skin the Fox Chest Counter will continuously display 7 Chests until a guaranteed Fox Skin

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