SMITE’s three birthday bundles and event detailed

The SMITE Happy Birthday Bundle launched with patch 5.4, but it turns out that’s just one of three bundles spanning three patches and a full birthday event. The Birthday event is structured similar to the Ragnarok event: three bundles with a collection bonus, Jackal Tech Anubis, for buying them all.

Bundle contents and pricing

The bundles are structured nearly identically as Ragnarok: two exclusive skins, extra cosmetic items such as a loading frame or music pack, an Enigma Chest and currency to unlock an Awesome Chest (which rewards a guaranteed exclusive skin) after completing a couple quests.

The price is either cheaper or more expensive than Ragnarok depending on how you look at it. The bundles cost 900 gems but are available for a 25% discount during the patch in which they released (similar to the 2017 Odyssey event).

So, during the patch in which the first bundle launched, it costs 675 gems (cheaper than Ragnarok’s 750 gems). The name of the game here is buy ASAP or else you’re looking at a price hike. If you buy within the discount period — and arguably even if you don’t as the price would even out to 300 gems per skin not including the other items — the bundles are a great deal considering you’re getting three exclusive skins and other goodies.

SMITE Happy Birthday Bundle (675 gems during patch 5.4 or 900 after)

  • Basscannon Neith
  • Revenant Achilles
  • Enigma Chest
  • EDM Music Theme
  • SMITE Birthday Loading Frame
  • Birthday Present (currency to unlock Awesome Chest)

In the event section of the SMITE client, we can see what is expected in the other two bundles.

SMITE Time to Party Bundle (675 gems in patch 5.5 or 900 after)

  • Itty Bitty ChiBee Ah Muzen Cab
  • Elegant Nemesis
  • Birthday Present (currency to unlock Awesome Chest)
  • More TBA

SMITE Turn Up Bundle (675 gems in patch 5.6 or 900 after)

  • Dashing Deceiver Loki
  • Abyssal Executioner Chaac
  • Birthday Present (currency to unlock Awesome Chest)
  • More TBA

Collection Bonus

  • Jackal Tech Anubis
Jackal Tech Anubis Skin SMITE
Jackal Tech Anubis

This article will be updated as the card art and videos are released for the upcoming bundles.

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