New SMITE website launches: SmiteCrafts

With SMITE being the smaller, tight-knit community it is, it’s not often we see new websites crop up. Yesterday, SmiteCrafts was announced, a new “stats on demand” SMITE site with guides and tier lists in addition to statistics.

SmiteCrafts also looks to encourage community content creation and interaction. Browsing around the site, there is an 800-gem giveaway for the most-upvoted build and most-visited profile.

SMITE Beamy Chibi Thoth Skin
Be sure to enter SmiteCraft’s Beaky Chibi Thoth skin giveaway

When asked how SmiteCrafts compares to competitor SMITE.Guru, a long-standing stats site in the SMITE community, the following response was given:

  • We are actively pushing new features, other statistics websites have been inactive for decades.
  • Mobile optimization and lightning-fast browsing is extremely important to us.
  • From our point of view, the ad placements on other websites are an insult to the community. We do will place ads in the future, so the server costs hopefully be self-sufficient, but in a modest and acceptable style. We do not agree with the way how the community was used as a tool to the ez-money in the past.
  • We thrive to support the Community Content scene as far as possible.
  • We are looking forward to host Charity & Esports events.
  • Monthly Rewards are waiting for the most active users along dozen of upcoming giveaways through our own or even partners in the near future. =)
  • The development started to offer a website that is based on Simplicity and a modern design. We hope to deliver that continuously throughout our journey.

The developers seem to be working out a few kinks and bugs since the site just launched yesterday — users cited a few issues with verifying their accounts and looking up stats — but SmiteCrafts should still be one to keep an eye on for players interested in all things SMITE stats. With only a few SMITE stats sites out there (and users still reeling over SMITE Stuff’s closure a few years ago), this is certainly a space with room to fill.

If you like the SmiteCraft, be sure to bookmark it and follow its progress on Twitter.

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