Luminosity Gaming’s Season 5 SMITE roster announced

With just two days to go until Season 5 of the SMITE Pro League starts, last-second rosters are still trickling in. Longtime SPL organization Luminosity Gaming has announced their new roster. It was known the org would be fielding a new roster for Season 4 because players from its old roster were already announced to be playing under the Spacestation Gaming banner.

LG SMITE Roster Season 5

LG’s Season 5 SMITE roster is:

Weak3n needs no introduction to most SMITE players as he’s been around the scene seemingly forever both as an SPL player and popular SMITE streamer. Kiki is well-known as well, and we’re surely see some mage goddesses in the solo lane with this pickup. Though not as recognizable as his two teammates, NotGeno played on Team Cryptik in the SPL last season. Keegsmate won the SMITE Console World Championship earlier in 2018 with Myth Gaming but as ADC. The role swap to the mid lane should be interesting, and Keegs played on PC for years before that, so don’t worry about how well he can handle himself with a mouse and keyboard. If you’re wondering who the heck Clout is, it’s Vetium with a name change, whom we saw on Team Cryptik and Spacestation last season. Also of interest is Oceans as coach, who went to Worlds with Allegiance (and Weak3n) in 2017.

Season 5 of the SMITE Pro League begins on March 20.

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