SMITE patch 5.4 dated for console launch

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 SMITE players can usually expect console patches a week after their PC counterparts like clockwork, but it’s always great to have confirmation nonetheless. Hi-Rez has confirmed patch 5.4: SMITE Birthday will launch on Tuesday, March 20. Console patches usually go live in the morning, Eastern U.S. time zone.

SMITE Basscannon Neith Skin
Basscannon Neith is the face of this year’s SMITE Birthday

The SMITE Scrub roundup of the official patch notes can be found here. Of course, there is always the official SMITE site version (though the console version hasn’t bee released yet, which sometimes has console-specific changes) if you prefer.

If you missed it, a SMITE birthday event will be starting the same date as the patch with new events each day. March 20 is triple worshipers day, so don’t miss that if you’re trying to reach rank X on any gods.

We can’t wait for console SMITE-ers to receive the new patch so we’re all on the same page, at least until the next new patch. Happy birthday SMITE!

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