SMITE’s birthday event starts March 20 with triple worshipers

SMITE is turning four, and that means there will be a week of festivities to go along with the big day. SMITE players can look forward to boosted worshipers, experience and favor, sales, and our personal favorite from last year: a day where you can get up to 10 free Enigma Chests.

SMITE Birthday

See the full schedule below:

  • Tuesday, March 20 – 3x Worshipers
  • Wednesday, March 21 – Voicepacks 50% off
  • Thursday, March 22 – Select direct purchase Avatars and Wards 50% off
  • Friday, March 23 – All FWOTD = Enigma Chest (earn up to 10 chests during this event!)
  • Saturday, March 24 – 2x Everything
  • Sunday, March 25 – 3 FWOTD = 90 Gems
  • Monday, March 26 – First FWOTD = Cutesy Avatar Chest

Happy birthday, SMITE!

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