SMITE gets birthday gem and god pack sales

Hi-Rez is celebrating SMITE’s fourth birthday this week. Birthday bundles, a birthday patch and a week of birthday events have already gone live; now, the expected gem and Ultimate God Pack sales have hit the market.

The gem sales are in line with SMITE’s usual discounts, that is to say, up to 35% off for the most expensive gem bundle. Many of the cheaper bundles are on sale, but you’ll get less of a discount. The Ultimate God Pack is its usual sale price of 50% off.

SMITE Birthday Gem Sale 2018
SMITE’s 2018 birthday gem and god pack sale prices (prices shown are U.S. region / PC platform)

Our screenshot is from the U.S. region on PC, so you’ll have to head over to your platform’s store and see how prices in your region fare. Here is the link to the Xbox One SMITE store, and here is the PS4 SMITE store.

Of course, if you’re planning to buy all the birthday bundles or participate in SMITE’s other events throughout the year, this is as good of a time as anyway to stock up on some gems.

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