Hi-Rez will charge sale price during patch for SMITE birthday bundles

On patch day for SMITE 5.5: Time to Party, there was confusion over the pricing of the Time to Party Bundle. The bundle cost 900 gems, but users were under the impression every bundle would be 25% off during its patch, or 675 gems. According to Hi-Rez, this was never the intention, and only the first bundle, released during patch 5.4, would be discounted.

Itty Bitty Chibee AMC Skin SMITE
If you want this little cutie, you’ll have to shell out for the Time to Party Bundle

Nonetheless, Hi-Rez has now changed the price of the second and third bundles to be discounted during their respective patches (675 gems instead of 900). Anyone who purchased the Time to Party Bundle on patch day at 900 gems has been refunded 250 gems (meaning the bundle only cost them 650 gems).

According to community specialist MLCSt3alth, “While we had always intended to price the Birthday Bundles at 900 Gems, there was a lack of communication from us.”

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