Chef Vulcan concept smashes retweet goal to be SMITE’s annual community skin

Despite being one of the oldest SMITE skin concepts, Chef Vulcan has been kicking around the community for years without being made into an official skin by developer Hi-Rez Studios. The demand for the skin has started to ramp up in recent months with campaigns from popular SMITE content creators Smitten and DukeSloth, and Hi-Rez has taken notice.

SMITE Chef Vulcan Skin Concept by @Rob_Draws
Chef Vulcan concept art by 

But now, the SMITE developer is going one step further than noticing players’ craving Chef Vulcan: Hi-Rez President Stew Chisam has said Chef Vulcan will be this year’s community skin if his tweet makes the small goal of 2,000 retweets. Considering the SMITE community’s size, the goal seems too easy and has already been smashed. Chisam’s tweet has more than 3,300 retweets as of this writing:

Noticing the tweet’s success, Chisam has already upped the ante and promised a special VXG, which is the VGS command on PC for a special global emote, for more than 5,000 retweets:

Normally, the annual community skin is voted upon, so the Chef Vulcan ordeal is completely out of the ordinary (and, some would say, wonderful). Of course, it is March 30, so you’ve got to watch out for those April Fool’s jokes around April 1. But, given the date being a smidge too early — as well as the fact that would just be mean, especially since Hi-Rez tagged the concept art’s artist   — Chef Vulcan seems to be happening.

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