SMITE April Fools’ Day 2018: Fenrir teased as next god with joke 5.5.5 patch notes

“When is Fenrir coming out?” is one of the oldest jokes in SMITE. So old, in fact, that we included it in our SMITE Terms Glossary. Hi-Rez has chosen to honor the 6-year-old meme this April Fools’ Day with a fake Fenrir god reveal and accompanying 5.5.5 patch notes.

Good Boy Fenrir
Fenrir being the goodest boy

Hi-Rez’s Fenrir “reveal” pokes fun at data mining, which has been under scrutiny since a Hi-Rez employee made comments that didn’t sit well with the community, the internet’s love of dogs (“good boys”) and more. Fenrir’s new kit lets him catch ranged auto attacks to play catch, lift his leg to mark his territory, electrocute nearby enemies with his shock collar, and play with his Fwuffy Manticore plushy to make enemies and allies alike drop their weapons in awe of his cuteness. Afterward, everybody wins. Yay.

The video is both fun and has impressive animations for most of Fenrir’s abilities. Probably better animations than a lot of other things in the game. Just sayin’.

Fenrir isn’t it for SMITE April Fools’ Day 2018, however. Hi-Rez has also released fake 5.5. patch notes with a new Adventure, balance changes and more. Say hello to the new Dream Deities patch.

Dream Deities, a deity dating simulator, lets us all live out our secret fantasies of falling in love with one of the gods in SMITE. Listen, I know I’m not the only one who has noticed how luscious Achilles’ blond mane is. Be sure to buy the Dream Bundle to maximize the probability you’ll find love on the battlefield of the gods:

  • Music Theme
  • Love Avatar
  • A long walk on the beach
  • Dinner for two
  • Gold Key to the heart of one God
SMITE Patch 5.5.5 Dream Deities
Still better than Racer Rumble

The totally real patch 5.5.5 also has some of the best balance changes SMITE players have seen in months, like Achilles’ stun increased from one to four seconds, Loki’s invisibility is now permanent, and — most importantly — Ratatoskr can now buy boots. Item changes to look forward to include Deathbringer becoming buyable on mages (which actually was a thing in the early days of SMITE), execute going through Aegis, and wards being removed because let’s face it; nobody buys them.

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