First Slavic SMITE god to release in two patches

At January’s Hi-Rez Expo, the SMITE developer announced that not one, but two new pantheons would launch for SMITE in 2018: Slavic and Voodoo. Hi-Rez has announced the Slavic pantheon will arrive with its first god in just two short updates. Patch 5.6 is about to launch, so that would be patch 5.8 (unless the developer was counting 5.6 as one of the two patches).

SMITE Slavic Pantheon Teaser
SMITE’s Slavic pantheon: just two updates away

Hi-Rez posted a fast-moving teaser GIF on Twitter with the message, “We’re two updates away from the release of the newest God! Can you spot the newest Pantheon coming to SMITE?” Pausing at the right moment gets you the above Slavic symbol.

Hi-Rez did not respond to users’ replies begging to know if the addition would be a goddess or a god but promised the reveal would be “worth the wait.”

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