Hi-Rez launches new SMITE Esports Weekly series

Hi-Rez has launched a new esports series. Hosted by SMITE casters like Aggro, F., Taco, Hinduman and more, SMITE Esports Weekly serves to recap the multitude of SMITE competitive scenes, such as the SMITE Pro League, the SMITE Minor League, the SMITE Console Series and the SMITE Global Series.

SMITE Esports Weekly
The cast of SMITE Esports Weekly go over their predictions for SPL Week 5

The hour-long episode also went over competitive news like Incon announcing his retirement, bloopers, top (and worst) plays, predictions for the upcoming games and more. SPL fans will also be interested in an interview with SWC 2018 champs EUnited’s PolarBearMike. If you don’t have time to scroll through hours of social media comments or catch every moment of SMITE competitive — which is now broadcast seven days a week — then these recaps may be just the thing.

New episodes of Esports Weekly will be broadcast live Mondays at 11 a.m. ET from SMITE’s Mixer channel.

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