Hi-Rez designers talk Chernobog: Lord of Darkness, the first Slavic SMITE god

At the 2018 Hi-Rez Expo, Hi-Rez announced the Slavic and Voodoo pantheons would be coming to SMITE in 2018. Later, it was confirmed Slavic would be the first of the two to launch in patch 5.8. The first Slavic god has now officially been revealed as Chernobog: Lord of Darkness, a Hunter. SMITE designers HiRezAjax and HiRezClumzy released a post discussing Chernobog.

Chernobog SMITE
Chernobog: Lord of Darkness

Hi-Rez says of the character’s origins:

Chernobog is the incarnation of the inevitable evil that persists in the world. He is the embodiment of the bleak attributes that hover around mankind: cold, famine, poverty, illness. He is a being to be respected and feared.

When designing Chernobog in SMITE, the designers wanted to use the following four traits: “inevitable evil (theme),” “demonic humanoid (visuals)”, “effortlessly powerful (personality)” and “respected and feared (perspective). The design team felt that a “demonic, shadowy theme” was something they wanted to embody. There was also plenty of room to create and make the design SMITE’s own “since Chernobog does not have a strong visual depiction described in mythology,” according to Hi-Rez’s post.

Chernobog SMITE Concept Art
Chernobog concept art from Hi-Rez Studios’ “Chernobog – A Closer Look” post

Hi-Rez is pleased with the final visual outcome of Chernobog, expressing: “He has just enough demonic features to feel evil and otherwordly while still being human enough to be relatable,” comparing the way Chernobog carries himself to “an all powerful supervillain.”

As a SMITE god and member of the Hunter class, Hi-Rez gave a few details about his kit:

  • Rewards for hitting multiple basic attacks on the same target
  • A 1-2 combo where his abilities directly interact with each other
  • Unique mobility options
  • Can reveal enemies on the map at great distances

According to Hi-Rez, “Players who are especially good at leading their opponents and predicting their movements will see increased returns from landing the combo and following up with a flurry of basic attacks.” Chernobog’s ultimate, which is presumably the revealing ability, can “bring something to a team that no other Hunter can.” Hi-Rez says Chernobog’s ultimate also relies on “[using] the rest of his kit well.”

Chernobog Final Art SMITE
Chernobog’s final concept art from Hi-Rez Studios’ “Chernobog – A Closer Look” post

While this information is plenty for SMITE players to sink their teeth into for the time being, Hi-Rez says they will be revealing more information about Chernobog next week.

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