SMITE PTS participation to be incentivized plus new schedule

Hi-Rez Studios has announced plans to incentivize players for participating in SMITE’s public test server, better known as the PTS. Along with rewards for those who download the client and test out new content, the PTS is getting a new schedule.

SMITE Senior Producer Blake Harrison, or HiRezRev, detailed the changes to the PTS system on a post on the SMITE subreddit. Formerly, patches not adding gods went live on Friday evenings (Eastern U.S. time zone) and came down on Monday mornings. Patches went live on Tuesdays. In the gap between the PTS going down on Monday and the official Tuesday launch, developers would fix the bugs. According to Harrison, “That is no longer enough.”

SMITE Celestial Guard Odin Skin
Try out the new Odin skin on the SMITE PTS right now

“We need to put this in your hands sooner, to get more eyes involved than our own, and to illuminate problems that are leading to a worse experience for all of us when patches are going live late or with issues that went undiscovered,” Harrison continued. SMITE’s most recent patch, 5.6: Inner Demon, was delayed.

Harrison cited times the SMITE community has contributed to changes within SMITE, like the structuring of “pick three” chests, the Chef Vulcan community skin, chest contents and more.

The new PTS schedule will be as follows:

  • First, we are going to strive to have EVERY patch PTS beginning on Wednesday evening.
  • Second, PTS will be open Wednesday and Thursday from roughly 6 PM EDT/EST to 9 AM EDT/EST. I know this is rough on our European users particularly for these two days, but we need to close the PTS servers in order for our employees to update servers, test, etc., during our normal business hours.
  • Third, PTS will still happen on Friday over the weekend as normal. It will open around 6 PM EDT/EST, and close Monday morning around 9 AM EDT/EST.

Hi-Rez is also encouraging players to test on the PTS by giving those who participate a chance to earn rewards or “participation bounties.” “The idea is to get more of you exposed to more of the new content,” Harrison wrote.

Players have a chance to earn skins or gems. Follow @HiRezRev and @HiRezRedd on Twitter to see when these pop up. For example, taking a screenshot using any of the new skins is a bounty right now.

The new system should hopefully increase the quality of new SMITE patches as well as offer players a chance to be rewarded for helping out.

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