Last chance to get Paladins-themed Fernando Ares SMITE skin

Fernando Skin Ares SMITE
The Fernando SMITE skin pays homage to Paladins’ frontline champion, Fernando

The last chance to get the Paladins-themed Fernando Ares SMITE skin through the Paladins Founders Pack is coming up soon. Hi-Rez will be discontinuing the Founders Pack, instead replacing it with a different champion bundle that will no longer include the Fernando skin.

Until April 22, the Paladins Founders Pack will be 33% off on PC. From April 24 to May 1, the bundle will be 33% off on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. When the OB70: A New Frontier patch goes live, which is April 25 on PC and the week after on console, the Founders Pack will be gone.

The Paladins Founders Pack includes:

  • All Current and Future Champions
  • All Standard Champion Voice Packs
  • Fernando God of War Skin
  • Ares Fernando SMITE Skin
  • Infernal Warhorse Mount

The Founders Pack will be replaced with the Champions Pack, which includes all Paladins champions but nothing else.

The Fernando Ares skin is exclusive, so theoretically it should be put into SMITE chests eventually. However, the Venus Aphrodite SMITE skin and Enyo Bellona skins have been unavailable since being discontinued through Hand of the Gods, so if that’s anything to go by, it might be wiser to get Fernando through the bundle if you want the skin any time soon.

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