Hi-Rez discusses Chernobog’s Into Darkness ability

Hi-Rez Studios SMITE designers HiRezAjax and HiRezClumzy have discussed in detail Chernobog‘s Into Darkness ability. Chernobog, the first Slavic god, was officially announced last week and will be fully revealed during SMITE’s May 2 5.8 patch notes show.

Chernobog SMITE

Chernobog was designed to embody “that moment of terror that could be lurking just around the corner.” With Into Darkness, Chernobog’s dash ability, that concept could happen quite literally:

On activation Chernobog dashes forward dealing damage and slowing enemies he passes through. If Chernobog collides with a wall he  disappears into it, becoming untargetable and leaving a shadowy silhouette on the area. He cannot move while connected to a wall in shadow form, but he can linger there to avoid many types of attacks or give him time to refresh cooldowns and plan his attack. If Chernobog dashes into a wall, he may dash again out of it, applying damage and slowing enemies a 2nd time.

As a dash, Into Darkness won’t put much space in between Chernobog and an enemy. The ability’s strength is in “cleverly avoid[ing] attacks, especially in tight corridors in the Jungle.”

Hi-Rez posted this gif with their discussion

Other details about Into Darkness were also released. When inside a wall, enemies cannot see Chernobog or his health bar. Enemies can only see a shadowy indicator that Chernobog is there.

It sounds similar to Nox’s dash but with walls instead of dashing into an ally. Although, Nox can also take damage while inside an ally.

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