SMITE’s public test server now downloadable through Steam

SMITE’s public test server, more commonly known as the PTS, is now downloadable through Steam.

The new Steam presence falls in line with Hi-Rez’s vow to increase the visibility of SMITE’s PTS. On the PTS, players are able to test new content for bugs and other issues before it makes its way to SMITE’s main servers. An increasing number of problems have slipped through the cracks in testing in recent months, and Hi-Rez hopes to get patch track on quality through incentivized PTS participation.

Fat Loki Cabrakan SMITE Skin
Try out the Fat Loki skin and more on SMITE’s PTS, now with Steam access

Previously, the PTS was only downloadable through an obscure link on SMITE’s official forums, so the new Steam locale is a certainly a step up.

To install the Steam PTS, which is currently live with testing for SMITE’s patch 5.8, go to SMITE’s Steam store page and look for the message, “Want to participate in the Smite Public Test? Click here to install it now” as seen below.

Though highly visible, it’s also pretty easy to miss.

Patch 5.8 includes the new Slavic god Chernobog and the Divine Uprising event and does not have a release date yet, so take advantage of the PTS if you want an early go at the new content.

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