Divine Uprising event will contribute to SMITE World Championship prize pool

With the SMITE Spring Masters LAN ongoing, what better time to release news about the SMITE competitive scene?

Hi-Rez has announced the Divine Uprising event, which will start in patch 5.8, will contribute to the SMITE World Championship prize pool. 33 cents for each pantheon chest roll (roughly 66% to the PC tournament and 33% to console), will go toward prizing.

This isn’t Hi-Rez’s first go at crowdfunding a tournament. SWC 2015 had over a $2 million prize pool thanks to contributions from The Odyssey event, which offered the limited Archon Thanatos skin as a reward, going toward the total. Instead of continuing with crowdfunding for SWC 2016, Hi-Rez pulled back the Worlds prize pool to $1 million, saying the rest of the funds would be more evenly distributed to players through the SMITE Pro League, which runs year-round.

SMITE Bellona Chernobog
Divine Uprising’s key art

But many SMITE players have called for the return of crowd funding and the glorious millions they believe attracts more players and attention to SMITE.

This announcement also closely follows Hi-Rez’s announcement to move the Hi-Rez Expo, which is historically hosted by Hi-Rez, to be located within DreamHack Atlanta 2018 instead.

Divine Uprising starts with patch 5.8, which also brings new Slavic god Chernobog. According to Hi-Rez, Divine Uprising will run for nine patches, which is quite a long time, so it will be interesting to see how high the prize pool will go.

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