Team Rival wins the SMITE Spring Masters LAN

Team Rival defeated Team Dignitas 4-3 in the best-of-seven finals for the SMITE Spring Masters LAN, pulling off an impressive reverse sweep. The squad consists of Deathwalker in solo lane, iceicebaby in jungle, Wlfy in mid, Vote on ADC and KaLaS as support.

Neither team changed rosters after Season 4, which showed in the teams’ strong performances throughout the SMITE Pro League’s Spring Split in which both had 8-2 records. Of course, making it to the grand finals of the Masters LAN on its own shows prowess.

SMITE Pro League 2018 Logo

With the SPL’s Summer Split starting soon, we’ll see if the teams will continue their dominance or will have to hand off the trophy to another organization. Both the Rival and Dignitas squads hail from Europe as well, so North America has work to do if the region hopes to win another Worlds as eUnited did this January.

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