How does SMITE’s Divine Uprising event work?

Divine Uprising is SMITE’s latest event. Some of us on the site were a bit confused about how exactly the new event works with all the chests, quests, free gems and collection rewards going on — it doesn’t help that Hi-Rez has made several adjustments since the original 5.8 patch notes reveal — so we thought you might be too. So, here we go…

SMITE Bellona Chernobog

Pantheon chests

The major focus of the event are pantheon chests. There are three, one for each new pantheon that Hi-Rez will reveal during the event (Slavic Chest, Voodoo Chest and Polynesian Chest). New items are added to each Pantheon Chest, which means you cannot directly choose the items you want and instead have to roll for them. The chests are ‘pick three,’ meaning the chest will show you three options, and you can choose which one you want. Of course, this does matter if you are a big spender who plans to buy every item, but for players who only want a few items, this is unfortunate. Chest rolls are 300 gems.

Slavic Chest SMITE Divine Uprising Event

However, only three items were added to the Slavic Chest with patch 5.8 — Fat Loki Cabrakan, Northern Ranger Hachiman and the Slavic Bundle (Slavic Loading Frame, Fountain Skin and Music Theme), meaning right now you can get the item you want guaranteed even though you technically have to roll the Slavic Chest. But as more items are added with each patch, increasing the amount of items in the pantheon chest to more than three, your chance of getting the item you want will be reduced. Items will also be available for direct purchase (once there are more than three items in the chest) but will cost more than the chest rolls.

Collection rewards

There is a collection reward for each pantheon chest (nine items per chest) as well as collecting every item in the entire event (27 items total). The individual pantheon chest collection bonus gives an exclusive skin for the first god to be added to the pantheon, and the ultimate collection bonus is a limitedTier 5 Bellona skin.

  • Collect all nine items in the Slavic Chest: Galactic Void Chernobog
  • Collect all nine items in the Voodoo Chest: Half-Life Baron Samedi
  • Collect all nine items in the Polynesian Chest: Heatsink Pele
  • Collect all 27 items in the entire Divine Uprising event: Divine Dragon Bellona


Your first chest roll of each pantheon chest gives you a coupon for 50% off the next pantheon chest roll. With chest rolls being 300 gems, and there being three pantheons, savings amount to 150 gems times three or 450 gems total.

Event quests and gems

From the in-game description:

3 quests are available for the beginning of each pantheon. These will be automatically assigned to you as you start the event. Completing all 3 quests will grant 100 gems. One pantheon chapter will grant you 300 gems upon completion of all 9 quests, and you can claim 900 gems in total across the event.

Full list of skins and content to be released in Divine Uprising chests (this article will be updated with the card art as it is made available)

Slavic Chest

  • Fat Loki Cabrakan Skin

Fat Loki Cabrakan SMITE Skin

  • Northern Ranger Hachiman Skin

Northern Ranger Hachiman SMITE Skin

  • Slavic Bundle 1 (Slavic Loading Frame, Music Theme and Fountain Skin)
  • Dragon’s Light Sobek Skin

Dragon's Light Sobek SMITE Skin

  • Soothsayer The Morrigan Skin

Soothsayer The Morrigan SMITE Skin

  • Dragon Queen Scylla Skin

Dragon Queen Scylla SMITE Skin

  • Polar Vortex Kukulkan Skin

Polar Vortex Kukulkan SMITE Skin

  • Violet Lord Thor Skin

Violet Lord Thor SMITE Skin

  • Slavic Bundle 2 (Slavic Pedestal, Recall Skin and Announcer Pack)

Voodoo Chest

  • Evil Spirits Bacchus Skin

Evil Spirits Bacchus SMITE Skin

  • Plague Lord Hades Skin

Plague Lord Hades SMITE Skin

  • Voodoo Bundle 1 (Voodoo Loading Frame, Global Emote and Recall Skin)
  • Baroness Izanami Skin

Baroness Izanami SMITE Skin

  • Shadowfox Da Ji Skin

Cyberfox Da Ji Skin SMITE

  • Shadow Spirit Ah Puch Skin

Shadow Spirit Ah Puch Skin SMITE

  • Hellscape Cernunnos Skin

Hellscape Cernunnos SMITE Skin

  • Nightbane Jing Wei Skin

Nightbane Jing Wei SMITE Skin

  • Voodoo Bundle 2 (Voodoo Pedestal, Death Mark and Announcer Pack)

Polynesian Chest

  • Molten He Bo Skin

Molten He Bo Skin SMITE

  • Mystic Guardian Athena Skin

Mystic Guardian Athena Skin SMITE

  • Polynesian Bundle 1 (Polynesian Loading Frame, Music Theme and Avatar)
  • Riptide Poseidon Skin

Riptide Poseidon SMITE Skin

  • Sunny Chibi Amaterasu Skin

Sunny Chibi Amaterasu Skin SMITE

  • Shadow Claw Bastet Skin

Shadow Claw Bastet Skin SMITE

  • Admiral Ao Kuang Skin

SMITE Admiral Ao Kuang Skin

  • Titanium Tracker Xbalanque Skin

SMITE Titanium Tracker Xbalanque Skin

  • Polynesian Bundle 2 (Polynesian Loading Screen, Pedestal and Recall Skin)

Release dates

Divine Uprising spans eight patches, so if you’re interested in one of these skins way down the line, you have a while to wait. We’ll keep updating the article throughout the event as the card art is released for the skins, so keep checking back to see if you missed anything.

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