SMITE 5.9 patch notes released: Dragon’s Fortune

The patch notes have been released for SMITE 5.9: Dragon’s Fortune. Since the new Slavic pantheon, Chernobog and the huge Divine Uprising event were just added with patch 5.8, patch 5.9 is much more relaxed and features only four skins plus a mastery skin update, bug fixes and balance changes.

Dragon Queen Scylla SMITE Skin
Dragon Queen Scylla


Bug fixes

  • Updated all mentions of Out-Of-Combat triggers to be specific about their timing. The following have all been updated:
    • Glossary Description
    • Game Pause Message
    • Guan Yu Passive (Painless)
    • Awilix Passive (Initiative)
    • Khepri Passive (Fortitude)
    • Bellona’s Shield Bash
    • Bellona’s Scourge
    • Bellona’s Bludgeon
    • Blink Rune
    • Upgraded Blink Rune
    • Rod of Asclepius
    • Rod of Healing
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would replay the “lock in ” animation for all locked in players each time a player locked in a God.
  • Soul Reaver will now correctly cost 2750 gold.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap could be pushed to the top right of the screen behind other UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue where Chernobog had an incorrect pantheon icon.
  • Hydra’s Lament no longer applies bonus damage to abilities that are treated as Basic Attacks. (Chernobog’s Vicious Barrage and Mercury’s Made You Look).
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t see their proper active booster time displayed.
Dragon's Light Sobek SMITE Skin
Dragon’s Light Sobek

Other cosmetic additions

  • Electro Raver Global Emote
  • Electro Raver Level Up Skin

Chest additions

Awesome Chest

  • Abyssal Warrior Sun Wukong
  • Countess Chang’e
  • Pot O’Gold Fafnir
  • Playful Bunny Nu Wa

Godlike Chest

  • Recon Artemis
  • Peacekeeper Athena
  • Fallen Lord Chronos

Fantasy Points Store rotation

The skins currently in the FP store for patch 5.8 — La Roca Hercules, Star Tamer Bastet and PrivaTyr Tyr — will leave with patch 5.9, so make sure to get any you want before the new patch drops.

  • Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbhakarna
  • Igneous Terra
  • Diva Aphrodite
Soothsayer The Morrigan SMITE Skin
Soothsayer The Morrigan

Balance changes

Item balance changes

Evolved Soul Eater Buff

  • Increased Ability Lifesteal from 10% to 15%

Hide of the Urchin Buff

  • Decreased stacks required to evolve from 10 to 7
  • Increased Protections per stack from 2 to 3
  • Decreased amount of time take to generate a shield from 3 to 2

Stone of Binding Buff and Visual Effects Change

  • Increased Passive Penetration buff from 10 to 15
  • Visual FX have been changed to a persistent aura, rather than a pulsing aura.

Talisman of Energy Buff

  • Increased radius of the buff effect from 55 to 70
  • Increased buff duration from 6s to 8s
  • Increased max stacks from 5 to 6

Shogun’s Kisari Buff

  • Increased Magical Protection from 50 to 60
Electric Dream Nox SMITE Skin
Electric Dream Nox

Sovereignty Nerf

  • Decreased Physical Protection from 50 to 45

Heartward Amulet Nerf

  • Decreased Magical Protection provided by the aura from 20 to 15

Titan’s Bane Nerf

  • Decreased Base Penetration from 20% to 15%
  • Increased Protection Threshold for Max penetration (40%) from 175 to 200 Physical Protections.

Obsidian Shard Nerf

  • Decreased Base Penetration from 20% to 15%
  • Increased Protection Threshold for Max penetration (40%) from 175 to 200 Magical Protections

Shoes of Focus Buff

  • Increased Magical Power from 40 to 55

Shoes of the Magi Buff

  • Increased Magical Power from 45 to 55

God balance

Ah Puch Buff

Corpse Explosion

  • Increased Initial Damage from 60/70/80/90/100 to 90/100/110/120/130
  • Decreased Damage Per Corpse from 60/85/110/135/160 to 55/80/105/130/155
Sobek Mastery Skin Update SMITE
Sobek’s updated mastery skins

Chernobog Buff/Fixes


  • Improved audio on is Basic Attacks to better match visuals.

Crystallized Curses

  • Decreased mana cost from 60/65/70/75/80 to 50/55/60/65/70
  • Increased initial damage from 50/80/110/140/170 to 70/100/130/160/190

Vicious Barrage

  • Decreased mana cost from 80/85/90/95/100 to 70/75/80/85/90

Into Darkness

  • Made improvements to ensure players enter the wall when they expect to and don’t get auto ejected.
  • Fixed an issue where players would auto-eject from the wall in higher ping environments.
  • Fixed an issue where on-hit items like The Crusher were being procced twice.

Living Nightmare

  • Removed the post-fire time from this ability (from 0.2 to 0)
  • Decreased minimum airtime from 1.2 to 1
  • Decreased maximum airtime from 3 to 2.6
  • Fixed an issue where traveling to a shadow could result in the player colliding with a wall. This resulted in them flying into the air and being unable to move.
  • Fixed an issue where Chernobog could stutter on landing.

Cu Chulainn Nerf


  • Decreased Passive Power bonus in Berserk form from 5+2 per level to 0+2 per level

Erlang Shen Buff

Spot Weakness

  • Decreased Mana cost from 60/65/70/75/80 to 60 at all ranks

9 Turns Blessing

  • Increased Taunt Duration from .8/.9/1/1.1/1.2s to 1.2s at all ranks

Hachiman Nerf

Heavenly Banner

  • Decreased Damage from 85/140/195/250/305 to 75/130/185/240/295

Mounted Archery

  • Decreased Slow from 25/30/35/40/45% to 20/25/30/35/40%

Neith Buff

Basic Attack Speed

  • Increased Basic Attack Speed from .95 to 1

Nox Targeter Update

Night Terror

  • Now shows the explode radius (new FX)
  • Now explode radius slides along line targeter if blocked

Skadi Buff

Basic Attack Speed

  • Increased Basic Attack Speed from .9 to .95.

Xbalanque Nerf

Dead of Night

  • Xbalanque now needs to deal 1500 damage to gain 1 stack of Dead of Night (Up from 1000)

Poison Darts

  • This ability no longer consumes mana or the cooldown if interrupted before any darts are fired

Zeus Buff

Detonate Charge

  • Decreased Mana Cost from 90 at all ranks to 60 at all ranks

Lightning Storm

  • Increased Base Damage from 100/120/140/160/180 to 120/140/160/180/200

Zhong Kui Buff

Demon Bag

  • Increased Stacks from 20 to 40
  • Decreased Protections per stack from 2 to 1
  • Zhong Kui now gains stacks when witnessing any death. He no longer gains stacks from consuming marks with Exorcism.
  • Decreased Stacks lost on Death and after using Recall Demons from 100% to 50%

Book of Demons

  • Stun Duration Increased from .5/.6/.7/.8/.9s to .7/.8/.9/1/1.1s

Release date

Hi-Rez has not said the release date for patch 5.9, perhaps continuing the new trend of only releasing patches when they are ready. The patch will be live on the PTS — which can now be downloaded from Steam — in the evening, EDT. It is likely that patches without a new god will have shorter testing periods, so perhaps the new patch will end up going live on Tuesday if it is ready. It’s also not clear if PC and console will be getting a simultaneous release again.

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