Hi-Rez takes action on over 2,000 SMITE player reports

SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios has announced the company has taken action on over 2,000 player reports on May 18. This figure is across all of SMITE’s platforms: PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Although the developer did not say specifically what type of actions were taken today, Hi-Rez did say in a statement they have already “suspended or banned” over 20,000 SMITE players in Season 5, which began in late January, alone.

Trick or Treat Cupid Skin SMITE
Cupid waves bye-bye to all the banned players we won’t miss

“One of our top priorities is making sure the player experience is positive and fun, and we’ve done major work recently to help us handle in game toxicity,” said HiRezIsiah in a post. “We’ve been working hard to improve our machine learning tools to better identify players that have shown trends of negative behavior, as well as ramp up the efforts of our internal team at Hi-Rez that checks player reports and chat logs.”

According to HiRezIsiah, monitoring has increased, “especially on Xbox and PS4, where our tools and processes have improved the most.”

Hi-Rez Studios’ President even pitched in to help with the process:

Hi-Rez also reiterated what they have said before: player reports are “instrumental in helping us maintain a healthy and fun play environment.” So keep making detailed reports if you encounter behavior against SMITE’s terms of services because without reports, Hi-Rez doesn’t know which accounts to prioritize investigating.

Hopefully player behavior monitoring tools continue to improve with the help of the community, and Hi-Rez can further weed out all the meanies in SMITE.

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