Hi-Rez revisits the idea of solo queue only in SMITE ranked

Over the weekend, a Twitter conversation reignited the idea of SMITE’s Ranked Conquest mode being solo queue only. Right now, the mode allows solo players or a party of two but is under constant critique for poor matchmaking.

The discussion stemmed from a tweet by former professional player and popular streamer Incon.

“Smite I love you to death, but I am gonna need some harder restrictions on ranked matchmaking,” Incon posted. “It is not fair to anyone to have gold players in Grandmasters games and vice versa. Nobody has fun in that situation.”

Hi-Rez Studios President Stew Chisam, or HiRezStew, responded, “If the best way to improve Ranked match making was to only allow players to join SOLO (i.e., no parties) –> would you take that trade?”

The idea immediately gained support from Incon as well as Molluskk, whose team Anxiety Onset won the SMITE Minor League Finals at the SMITE Masters LAN.

“I think that most (at least top end players) would agree that ranked queue should be solo only,” said Incon. “The belief being that it is a better reflection on individual skill level and less because you queued with another pro. Prevents that crazy Elo stacking on one team.”

“100% agree at high levels of play it would provide MUCH better matches,” said Molluskk. “It is the best way to fix it,” adding, “Also pls let us see our elo ty.”

SMITE World Championship 2018 winner PolarBearMike also added his two cents: “I’d take this 100%.”

Prior to Season 2, SMITE had solo queue only in Ranked Conquest, so the concept would be a return to form for the third-person MOBA, which is now in Season 5. According to a video about the Season 2 SMITE changes, duo queue was originally one of the most requested features by players, so it’s interesting to see the demand change direction.

Of course, there are those opposed to the idea who cite being able to play ranked with their friends as a major draw. Solo queue only has received mixed feelings on the SMITE subreddit. But should ranked be about playing with friends, or creating the most competitive matches possible?

It’s unlikely we’ll see a change this major mid-season — the start of Season 6 seems like a better bet — but with such unanimous support from professional players, Hi-Rez may be carefully considering the idea.


  1. Whats the point of a clan then ? Lol to play casual ? Bad enough u cant queue up with 5 people now not even one? Lol idk just doesnt make sense to me .

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    • Honestly yeah, clans are typically casual, at least in the other games I’ve played that have them like Call of Duty etc. Clans have hundreds of people, and it’s not like you can play a game with hundreds of people, so they’re just for grouping people who like to play together and finding people to play with.


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