Hera announced as future SMITE god

Today, SMITE Lead Designer HiRezAjax announced Hera, Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology, will be added as a SMITE god in 2018.

The goddess was revealed as a $75,000 stretch goal at Hi-Rez’s Fourth Annual Spring Fling, a charitable event with donations going to Make-A-Wish. SMITE and Paladins players donated over $86,000 by the end of the event, meeting every stretch goal, although the donations page will remain up for the rest of the day. Hi-Rez hopes to break $100,000 before donations close.

SMITE Greek Pantheon Symbol
Hi-Rez Ajax tweeted the above SMITE Greek pantheon symbol with the Hera announcement

Hera will be at least a few gods away since Baron Samedi and Pele have already been confirmed to be the next gods. They will be added during the ongoing Divine Uprising event, which will usher in three new pantheons by its conclusion (Slavic was already added with Chernobog in patch 5.8 with Voodoo and Polynesian coming in patch 5.11 and patch 5.14 respectively).

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