Trifecta’s SMITE team gets roster and role changes

With the start of SMITE’s Summer Split comes roster changes, although we haven’t had nearly as many as the start of Season 5. The Trifecta organization announced a roster change that also comes with a role swap for their SMITE squad.

Trifecta LogoPaul, who won the SMITE Minor League Finals at the SMITE Masters LAN with team Anxiety Onset, will be joining Trifecta in the mid role. This means that former mid Metyankey needs a new role, and Trifecta announced Met will move back to ADC, which he has played on and off throughout his competitive career.

Of course, with Paul in and Met staying, that means someone else is out. That someone is Zapman, who will no longer be on the Trifecta squad. Zap does not appear to belong to a new roster yet and tweeted out: “I’m definitely not happy to be replaced nor did I think I deserved it but that’s how the business goes. Best of luck to the team. Well see what happens in the future.”

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