Hi-Rez designers tease and talk Baron Samedi, SMITE’s first Voodoo god

With SMITE’s first Voodoo god, Baron Samedi, to be officially revealed during the 5.11 patch notes show, game designers HiRezPonPon and HiRezAjax talked more about their vision for the Voodoo pantheon’s introductory character.

Baron Samedi is the Loa of the Dead, overseeing everything to do with death. Because of the importance of death, Hi-Rez says that “in many ways, he also rules over life.”

SMITE’s designers went for the following traits with Baron’s character design:

  • Theme – Death (and life)
  • Visuals – Host of the Party
  • Personality – Casual and Crass
  • Perspective – Loved, yet Intimidating

According to the post, the designers stuck very closely to the way Baron Samedi is depicted, which is “wearing a nice suit and a top hat, and always has his rum and cigar.”

“His face is either painted like a skull or is actually just a skull,” the post reads. “Obscenity, debauchery, and partying are his ways of life.”

As for how he will function as a SMITE god, Hi-Rez says that even though Baron can be the bearer of death, he can also “cure people of even the most deadly illnesses or curses.” While Baron is a nightmare for his enemies in-game, he provides his allies with a unique consumable item called Baron’s Brew. Baron will be the life of the party, even during a team fight.

“Baron casts his abilities as if he is center stage on the dance floor,” the post reads. “His animations are lively and exaggerated as he shows off his power and swagger.”

Baron is a mage and is looking to be quite an intriguing and powerful one.

“The Battleground of the Gods is the perfect crossroads between life and death where Baron Samedi will feel right at home,” the post concludes.

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