Medusa’s Deathmatch hot fix released to fix double scroll issue

The earlier release of patch 5.10: Medusa’s Deathmatch brought along a few bugs with it, including a bug with the bundle that caused eligible players to not receive the double rewards for the mode that they are entitled to.

A hot fix has been released to patch up the bugs and is live now for everyone, including console players, according to a tweet.

Queen Cobra Medusa SMITE Skin

The patch notes are as follows. Do take note of HiRezFish’s tweet with an additional note as well.

  • Fixed an issue where the Medusa’s Deathmatch UI would appear in other modes
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Daily Bundles to not appear
  • Menu navigation issues in Adventures using the shoulder buttons(LB/RB, L1/R1) has been fixed
  • The amount of Adventures Scroll points rewarded based on match time is now correct

The patch is live now for SMITE.

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