Burrito Esports pulls out of SMITE’s Minor League

Organization Burrito Esports announced it has pulled out of SMITE’s Minor League.

“We have today decided that we no longer want to be associated with the SML (SMITE Minor League) in its current format,” a post on Burrito’s official website reads.

Burrito’s statement, which runs several paragraphs, questions SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios’ handling of the SMITE Minor League’s Summer Split.

Burrito Esports LogoDuring the Spring Split, “The amateur scene was getting more views than ever, having the entire weekend spot for its own, with every single game being broadcasted,” said Burrito.

The organization did not find the same experience with the Summer Split after changes were made to the broadcasting schedule, which Burrito says eventually, when combined with other events like roster changes, lead to the collapse of the SML team.

Now moved to a worse weekday and timeslot, we would also see a significant cut in the amount of games being broadcasted, which took a heavy blow to both our organisation and player’s motivation in creating the entertainment and content we were hoping for. The turmoil this caused to our roster, combined with our talent getting offers from the SPL, our team were going through changes to the roster on a weekly basis. With now yet another roster change incoming, we have decided that we as an organisation currently aren’t interested in competing in the SML.

After cutting ties with the Minor League, Burrito gave their spot to the players with which to do what they choose.

“We truly hope the SML will see some format changes that will transform it to a more viable league for organisations to help players,” Burrito’s post concludes.

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