SMITE Odyssey skin 2019 community voting details released

SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios released information about the voting for the Odyssey 2019 event’s community-voted skin.

The Odyssey event is always “the epic culmination” of each season in SMITE. Every year, the final reward of the Odyssey is a Tier 5 skin that is the result of a community vote — first the community votes if the skin will be for a Guardian, Warrior, Mage, Hunter or Assassin; then the the community votes on the god; and finally, the community votes on the skin’s concept.

SMITE Frostfire Ullr
Season 5’s Odyssey skin was Frostfire Ullr

This year, Hi-Rez will introduce a bracket-style voting system with the following details:

  • We’ve created a 16 God Bracket with head-to-head matchups between some of the community’s favorite Gods.
  • Every class is represented. Guardians have the most representation (5 Gods), since they don’t have a Tier 5 skin yet.
  • We’ll hold voting rounds where the community will vote on what Gods they want to progress through the bracket until we reach the Final 2.
  • During the voting phases there will be a dedicated place for you to submit your ideas for the overall theme of this year’s Tier 5 skin.
  • Once we get down to the final 2 Gods, our Concept team will create two Tier 5 skin concepts (one for each God) that the community will vote on in the Grand Finals.
  • The concept with the most votes will be this year’s Ultimate Odyssey Reward!

Formal brackets will be released Friday, June 22.

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