Medusa’s Deathmatch gets new variants in SMITE patch 5.11

Medusa’s Deathmatch, SMITE’s latest Adventure mode and 3v3v3 brawl, will have new variants starting with patch 5.11: Life and Death.

While the mode seems to have been well-received thus far, like anything competitive, a meta has developed, and the variants should help to mix up the same stale picks.

Medusa's Deathmatch SMITE
Test your skills in Medusa’s Deathmatch

The new variants will rotate throughout patch 5.11. When all the variants have been tried, players can vote on their favorite. The winner will remain the permanent mode during SMITE patch 5.12.

Developer Hi-Rez Studios announced the variants in advance:

  • Medusa’s Mystery Deathmatch: What lies ahead is a mystery! Bring a random God into Medusa’s Deathmatch!
  • Medusa’s Warrior Deathmatch: Test your might with the most valiant of Warriors in Medusa’s Deathmatch!
  • Medusa’s Egyptian Deathmatch: The Gods of Egypt duke it out to see who prevails!
  • Medusa’s Displacement Deathmatch: Push, pull, and use everything (well, almost everything) at your disposal to win Medusa’s Deathmatch!
  • Medusa’s Deathmatch of Fortune: Start out with 200,000 Gold in this high stakes version of Medusa’s Deathmatch!
  • Medusa’s Hyper Deathmatch: Battle it out with reduced cooldowns in this fast paced version of Medusa’s Deathmatch!
  • Medusa’s Duplicate Deathmatch: Enter the fray with a custom team! Anything goes, even duplicate Gods!

We’ll see if a clear favorite emerges when the modes begin their rotation.

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