SMITE Odyssey 2019 Round 2 tier 5 skin vote reveals an all Guardian final four

Round 2 of the voting to see which god will receive SMITE’s Odyssey 2019 tier 5 skin has completed, and there is one thing of which to be certain: the recipient of the tier 5 skin will be from the Guardian class.

SMITE Odyssey 2019 Tier 5 Skin Voting Round 2
Which Guardian will you choose?

In Round 2, Ganesha defeated Poseidon, Cerberus defeated Sol, Ares defeated Ra, and Athena defeated Nemesis. Ganesha will face off against Cerberus, and Ares and Athena will tangle to see which two gods will find themselves in the finals.

The voting for Round 3 ends June 28 at 11 a.m. ET. Place your votes using Hi-Rez Studios’ Google Doc here.

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