Some game modes to get lessened timed queues in SMITE patch 5.14

If you thought 12 minutes for a game of Siege in SMITE’s new timed queue system was a bit much, developer Hi-Rez Studios agrees with you. After analyzing the data since the new queues’ launch in patch 5.13, SMITE lead designer HiRezAjax announced four game modes will have their timers reduced in patch 5.14.

Ranked Joust will be cut in half from 10 minutes to five. Ranked Duel will see a huge decrease from 12 minutes to four minutes. Siege will go from 12 minutes to eight, and Match of the Day will go from six to five. Ranked Conquest will be seeing no adjustments yet to see that players continue to get “[the] best possible matches.”

It’s also worth noting Ajax says Hi-Rez will be “monitoring the effects” of the reduced timers, so they may not be permanent, and that overall timed queues brought “a strong positive impact on SMITE matchmaking.”

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