SMITE data mining “no priority” anymore, says site creator

The official SMITE Data Mining Twitter account announced SMITE data mining is no longer a priority.

“As you can see the interest on Smite has been decreasing over the last 6-8 months,” the tweet reads. “I am now at the point I don’t even play Smite anymore.” Presumably, the tweet comes from user FAERayo, the author of all the SMITE data mining posts.

Half-Life Baron Samedi SMITE Skin
The addition of Baron Samedi was known well in advance thanks to data mining

The tweet continues, “It doesn’t mean it’s the end for Datamining, but it’s a confirmation of dataminings will be being delayed as it is no priority for now.”

Data mining has been responsible for breaking many SMITE news tidbits since the game’s inception, including future gods, skins, game mode changes, Adventure spoils and more.

While SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios’ employees have a history of animosity toward data mining, the SMITE community has always been receptive to more information about their favorite game.

According to FAERayo’s author profile, they are a video game development student who has been data mining SMITE since 2013 and other Hi-Rez game Paladins since 2015. Past games data mined on the site include Tribes and Gigantic.

SMITE data mining’s fate is more promising than Paladins, however, about which the data miner says, “It’s way far from Smite in terms of interest, which makes it even worse. Don’t expect it to return from now.”

FAERayo’s announcement was accompanied by the latest data mining post, which reveals more information about upcoming goddess Hera, who was confirmed at Hi-Rez’s Spring Fling.

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