EUnited Invitational SMITE All-Stars draft completed and rosters confirmed

The draft has wrapped for the SMITE 2018 eUnited Invitational All-Stars event. Captains PolarBearMike, KalaS, JeffHindla and CaptainTwig made their choices based on a few rules: they had to draft an eUnited player in the first round and couldn’t pick more than two players from the same SMITE Pro League team or three players from the same region.

eUnited Invitational Minotaurs Roster


  • Captain: CaptainTwig
  • Round 1 Pick/eUnited Player: Venenu
  • Round 2 Pick: Deathwalker
  • Round 3 Pick: Aror
  • Round 4 Pick: Snoopy

eUnited Invitational Manticores Roster


  • Captain: KaLaS
  • Round 1 Pick/eUnited Player: PandaCat
  • Round 2 Pick: Wlfy
  • Round 3 Pick: Faeles
  • Round 4 Pick: fineokay

eUnited Invitational Juggernauts Roster


  • Captain: PolarBearMike
  • Round 1 Pick/eUnited Player: Screammmmm
  • Round 2 Pick: Variety
  • Round 3 Pick: Arkkyl
  • Round 4 Pick: Hurriwind

eUnited Invitational Titans Roster


  • Captain: JeffHindla
  • Round 1 Pick/eUnited Player: Benji
  • Round 2 Pick: Baskin
  • Round 3 Pick: Zyrhoes
  • Round 4 Pick: Funballer

With the draft completed, next up is the event. The Invitational is broken down into two days with pros playing a best-of-five against Skillshot employees on Saturday, August 11. The main event begins Sunday, August 12 with a single-elimination bracket, best-of-three semifinals and best-of-five grand finals.

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