Juggernauts come out on top in SMITE’s eUnited Invitational

The Juggernauts all-star team won this weekend’s SMITE eUnited Invitational. The team was composed of support player PolarBearMike (who was also captain and selected the other four players in an August 9 drafting phase), jungler Screammmmm, solo laner Variety, ADC Arkkyl and mid player Hurriwind.

eUnited Invitational Juggernauts Roster

The one-day event started with the Juggernauts defeating the Minotaurs and the Manticores falling to the Titans. In the best-of-five finals, the Titans started 2-0 over the Juggernauts. This didn’t phase PolarBearMike and the rest of the Juggernauts, however, who reverse swept the Titans with a final score of 3-2.

The Invitational event is a yearly tradition in SMITE’s competitive scene. Every year, the winners of the SMITE World Championships — in this case, eUnited — host an event where captains must each draft a player from the world champion squad. To mix up rosters and let the audience see different players team up, two players from the same pro team cannot be on the same team, and a maximum of three players from the same region are allowed on the same all-star team.

Each team is named after a current or past SMITE boss. Behold the Juggernaut.

Unfortunately, this is the end of this lighthearted competition for now. We won’t even know who will be the host of the next SMITE Invitational until November’s SMITE World Championships at DreamHack Atlanta. And we’ve got the entire Fall Split before then, so we’ll see who’s dominating the competitive scene by then.

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