SMITE now developed by Titan Forge Games, a studio within publisher Hi-Rez Studios

SMITE is now developed by Titan Forge Games, a brand-new studio within Hi-Rez Studios’ publishing group. Previously, Hi-Rez was the sole developer and publisher of the third-person MOBA game.

While the change may scare devoted SMITE players at first brush, the switch is essentially giving the Hi-Rez team who was already working on SMITE its own studio. In May, Hi-Rez did something similar by creating a separate esports company, Skillshot Media, instead of conducting all esports production under the Hi-Rez brand.

Titan Forge Games Group Shot
A group shot of the Titan Forge team

“The Titan Forge team looks forward to the continued improvement of all areas of SMITE, while also marching into the future with new and exciting Gods, features, and quality of life improvements to the game,” a press release reads.

Along with Titan Forge, Hi-Rez created two other studios under the Hi-Rez publishing group: Evil Mojo Games, which will continue to work on popular first-person shooter Paladins, and Heroic Leap Games, which are overseeing battle royale title Realm Royale.

Hi-Rez cites Andrew Walker as Titan Forge’s lead game designer (HiRezAjax), Ben Knapp as art director, Dayle Flowers as technical director and Richard Yu as brand director.

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