Fix goes out for timed queue issue affecting high level SMITE players

SMITE New Timed QueuesSMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios — or rather Titan Forge Games, as announced this week; it’s going to take a while to get used to that — deployed a fix for an issue where “high level players [were] continuously get[ting] rolled over into the next queue while waiting for a game” in the new timed queue system introduced with patch 5.13.

As a five-year veteran with a group of friends all of similar high levels, this issue was affecting me, and I’m glad to see it was identified as an issue that needed to be fixed. We just thought we’d be doomed to waiting through multiple queues forever in the new system (which ironically is the same as SMITE’s queue system in beta when we began playing, but we never had to wait that long back then).

Enjoy your — hopefully improved — queue times.

One comment

  1. Dude it’s way worse now. I can only queue for joust and conquest. Im disgusted how they STILL have yet to fi it. Hi rez is the worst.


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