SMITE patch 5.15 data mining reveals possible Roman Arena update and more about Hera

While SMITE Datamining‘s creator says they don’t play SMITE anymore and data mining is no longer a priority, that didn’t stop them from looking into the new details in the patch 5.15 code in a timely fashion.

5.15 data mining revealed more about upcoming goddess Hera and her kit. While Hera of course was long ago confirmed as well as more recently her pet, Argus, new details have emerged about Hera’s kit and how Argus fits into it. Hera’s passive stacks “may [have an] effect on Argus’ actions.” Check out SMITE Datamining’s post and look for the pink text to see what’s new; anything in regular text was already previously known.

SMITE Hera Argus
Concept art of Hera’s minion Argus was posted on Twitter

Data mining also hinted at a possible update or event for Arena, SMITE’s most popular game mode, which includes a change of the map’s theme from Greek to Roman. Data mining also revealed Arena Juggernaut-themed skins for Roman gods Bellona and Hercules.

SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios — now Titan Forge Games — has historically tried to represent different maps with different pantheons: Clash is Egyptian, Siege is Mayan, Joust is Chinese and so on. However, both Conquest and Arena are Greek-themed, so this could be what prompted a possible change to Roman.

Remember, with data mining, nothing is confirmed except what SMITE developer Titan Forge Games has told us, so don’t get too excited about anything, but mining gives us a neat look at what’s possibly on the horizon for SMITE.

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