Spacestation and eUnited SMITE teams swap mid laners

The week started off with an unprecedented swap in the SMITE Pro League: eUnited‘s Venenu for Spacestation‘s Baskin.

We say unprecedented because both teams had been performing well and remained stable for some time. EUnited’s consistent roster dominated the 2017 North American fall split, took first place in regionals and went on to win Season 4 Worlds with continued strong placing into Season 5; Spacestation’s nostalgic roster has seen success since its January forming, finishing first in the North American Spring Split, third at the Masters LAN and second in the Summer Split to qualify for the Summer Finals LAN.

Despite the respectable results, Spacestation ADC BaRRaCCuDDa said in a video that personalities had been clashing as far back as the Spring Split, and “people weren’t getting along.”

The change seems to have been mostly prompted by Baskin and eUnited judging by tweets from eUnited’s captain and support player PolarBearMike. “Really happy with how all of this went,” tweeted PBM. “Didn’t expect Venenu to respond as positively as he has with us wanting to move on.”

BaRRa thinks he and Venenu will work well together on Spacestation’s back line, and Spacestation captain and support JeffHindla agrees. “Ven’s play style is very different than Baskin’s,” said JeffHindla. “I think it’s going to open up a lot of map play for us and opportunities for us.”

Venenu calls the swap “just a better team environment in general,” describing Spacestation’s members as “super, super nice and super helpful.” Venenu mentioned in particular that he wasn’t working well with Screammmmm, eUnited’s jungler. With mid-jungler synergy being one of the most important team dynamics in the game, it’s understandable that change was needed.

Spacestation’s Ven concluded the video with, “I think we’re gonna take the championship.” However, eUnited’s PolarBearMike feels the same way about his new roster: “Super excited to get to work with and work on adding that 2nd ring to our trophy cases and get [Baskin] his first.”

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