Get a sneak peak at Hera’s portrayal in SMITE

We’ve known Hera is coming to SMITE’s character roster since May, and developer Titan Forge Games is slowly letting players peek behind the curtain to see her portrayal.

A video described difficulties designing Hera’s appearance as well as her kit. “We knew she would be difficult visually and mechanically,” said SMITE Lead Designer HiRezAjax. “But we found design and art solutions to both of those.”

Solutions include Hera’s kit also including her minion, Argus. Details had been previously data mining as well as teased by Titan Forge.

Hera’s portrayal in Greek mythology posed other challenges.

“Hera is difficult because she has a lot of complex themes like love and marriage and people,” Ajax elaborated. “That’s more difficult than just the god of fire or lighting, which is very literal.”

Despite the initial hurdles, Ajax says the team is “really happy with how it’s looking.”

The patch in which Hera will be released has not yet been announced.

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