Trifecta jungler Masked announces retirement, break

Masked, the SMITE Trifecta team’s jungler, announced he will quit or “maybe [take] a break.” The announcement comes with the SMITE Pro League Fall Split starting in two days.

“It was my choice and I love everyone on my team and [it] has nothing to do with them,” Masked’s tweet reads. “I’ve been playing for 4 years (competitively) and need to take a break.”

Rosters for the SPL’s Fall Split were confirmed just a few days ago, and Masked is still listed as Trifecta’s jungler. According to Masked, he will play for the squad in the first week of the SPL while “they need time to adjust to a new jungler.”

The rest of Trifecta’s roster is still Zapman on ADC, Neirumah on support, Paul playing mid and ScaryD on solo lane. Masked’s replacement for the jungle role was not named at the time of this writing.

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