Mixer – SMITE account linking available; automated code drops coming soon

The SMITE Pro League’s exclusivity deal with Mixer meant automatic Twitch drops were no more. The MOBA has been using a manual free code system in the meantime, but there won’t be any need for that with Mixer account linking available now and automated codes coming soon.

SMITE Mixer Account Linking
Get a free SMITE Pro League Bellona skin (if you don’t have it already) for linking your SMITE and Mixer accounts

What this means is that players will automatically earn rewards by being logged into Mixer while viewing SPL games, so there is no more worry about punching in codes. However, the Twitch drops were luck-based and often drew complaints — some players would watch all day and get no rewards while others fared better — so hopefully the Mixer implementation improves upon the Twitch system.

Similar to Twitch, a Mixer bot will private message the player if they receive a reward, and of course, the goodies will be dropped into the linked SMITE account. SMITE developer Titan Forge is also using Mixer rewards to make sure the live chat stays clean, saying, “If you are banned from chatting on the SmiteGame Mixer channel, you will not be eligible to receive in-stream rewards from any of our broadcasts.”

SMITE Free Mixer Chests
White and Blue Mixer Chests and an Odyssey Chest

Players can also get a free SMITE Pro League Bellona skin when they link their Mixer and SMITE accounts (the skin used to be dropped through Twitch, so some may already have it). While accounts can be linked immediately, the manual system will still be used for “a few weeks” then “slowly phase[d] out” as Titan Forge transitions between the two systems, so keep an eye on the live stream for those manual codes in the meantime.

To get started with the Mixer account linking process or view the detailed FAQ, see the official post here.

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