Trifecta announces sam4soccer2 as jungler and Sata as coach

With Masked departing Trifecta’s SMITE team last week, we knew the team needed a new jungler. Masked’s replacement was announced as sam4soccer2. At the same time, the team will welcome a new coach, Sata.

Sam4soccer2 has extensive experience in SMITE’s Minor League (formerly the Challenger scene) and briefly played in the SMITE Pro League as a jungler for Team Eager after djpernicus’ May 2017 departure.

Trifecta Logo“Sam is an innately talented player, and the transition feels fairly natural considering how little time we’ve had to practice with him so far,” said NeiruMah, Trifecta support, in an interview.

Trifecta’s new coach, Sata, is relatively unknown with, in the coach’s own words, “minimal competitive experience,” though he has been playing SMITE for six years and has been Masters rank in all recent splits.

“We really wanted a coach who could provide an analytical approach, and after looking at some of Sata’s work, it was clear that the resources he could provide us with would be tremendously useful,” said NeiruMah. “After trialing Sata, it was apparent that he had a good understanding of the game and could provide excellent input in game, as well as out of game.”

The new roster made their first SPL appearance September 4 against reigning SMITE Worlds champions eUnited, falling 0-2 in a best-of-three series, but the team doesn’t seem dissuaded as they go through the new team growing pains.

“Bit of a rough start, but [eUnited is] a really good team and we still have some things to learn,” tweeted sam4soccer2.

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