Hi-Rez Expo SMITE Console Wars schedule and details released

SMITE publisher Hi-Rez Studios has released the schedule and details for the SMITE Console Wars, which will take place during the Hi-Rex Expo at DreamHack Atlanta.

SMITE Console Wars

Four teams face off in the placement round

The Console Wars’ placement round only lasts one day, November 3. The broadcast begins at 11 a.m. ET.

Teams are seeded for the placement round in line with their finish in the Fall Split. The top North American Xbox team and the top North American Xbox team will receive a bye into the main bracket and will not be participating in the placement round.

  • PS4 EU (#1 seed)
  • PS4 NA (#1 seed)
  • Xbox NA (#2 seed)
  • Xbox EU (#2 seed)

The two matches will be single elimination and best-of-three sets.

  • Match 1: PS4 EU 1 vs PS4 NA 1
  • Match 2: Xbox EU 2 vs Xbox NA 2

It all goes down in the main bracket

The main bracket, leading up to the finals, will be held at the Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta with the following seeding:

  • Xbox #1 seed (EU/NA)
  • Xbox #1 seed (EU/NA)
  • Xbox #2 seed (Placement round winner)
  • PS4 #1 seed (Placement round winner)

Main bracket schedule

Friday, November 16 @ 10:15 PM ET  (Semifinals 1)

  • Match 1: Xbox NA/EU (#1 seed) vs PS4 NA/EU (#4 seed)

Saturday, November 17 @ 6:45 PM ET (Semifinals 2)

  • Match 2: Xbox NA/EU (#2 seed) vs Xbox NA/EU (#3 seed)

Sunday, November 18 @ 11:15 AM ET (Grand Finals)

  • Match 3: Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2

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