Mousesports makes mid-split SMITE roster and role changes

Mousesports’ SMITE Pro League team is swapping a few roles and getting a new member — well, sort of.

Mousesports Logo RedThe “new” member is Frostiak, formerly the SMITE roster’s coach, who is joining as the team’s jungler. Spudio, Mousesports’ ADC and former sub who stepped into a permanent role after Jermain retired in the Summer Split, is going back to his sub role and will also coach.

While Mousesports was originally happy with the new roster, as well as their 5-5 finish in the Summer Split, the team environment began to go downhill during the new split. Members felt like something needed to change if they wanted to qualify for the SMITE World Championships at the Hi-Rez Expo.

“The confidence of all of us really hit rock bottom as it probably showed in our last set vs Obey Alliance,” wrote mid player BigManTingz in a TwitLonger.

That means the roster is shuffling roles as well, since Cherryo, the team’s jungler until Frostiak joined, is still on the team. Cherryo will now be on support; Dardez, previously support, will take on the ADC role. Nika and BigManTingz will keep their roles of solo and mid respectively.

The new Mousesports roster went 0-2 against Team Dignitas today. The next time we’ll see the team in action is Tuesday, September 25 versus SK Gaming.

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