The SMITE reconnect screen bug is supposedly gone

Is this real life?

The SMITE reconnect screen bug, which has been plaguing PC users for months, is gone, according to a Reddit post from TitanRyu. Presumably, the issue was fixed with today’s 5.17 patch, called Hera’s Odyssey.

SMITE Reconnect Screen
Hello, darkness, my old friend…

The bug redirected unsuspecting SMITE players to an old login screen background that said “Reconnect” — promptly after logging in. After clicking the reconnect button, hopeful players would wait. And wait. At a black screen. Until they were allowed in (the lucky ones, at least). Others would have to hit reconnect again and wait again.

Anyway, the bug should now be fixed. And if it’s not, well… SMITE developer Titan Forge Games is definitely going to hear about it. Loudly and immediately.

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